About us


Matador is the UK’s most widely recommended self-publishing services provider. Publishing both books and ebooks, Matador aims to offer the widest range of services to authors at the best possible cost, giving authors the best possible self-publishing experience and their book or ebook the best possible chance of success.

Matador is unique in that it offers both traditional bookshop distribution and print ‘on demand’ distribution; it has a team of sales representatives selling into bookshops pre-publication, and distribution through the UK’s largest distributor, Marston. We also offer full ebook production and worldwide distribution services, and uniquely among self-publishing companies, we sell ebooks direct through our own webshop.

Matador has a team of 23 full time staff members based in offices and a warehouse near Leicester; author visits are encouraged by appointment.

Matador is recommended by print companies, Public Relations companies, writers’ groups, independent self-publishing commentators, and most importantly, by self-publishing authors.

“Matador is a highly reputable partnership publisher offering an author the best chance of self-publishing success in the UK.” – 
Mick Rooney, Editor The Independent Publishing Magazine

We’ve always liked Matador because they have the best values in their industry. Apart from anything else, they actually try to sell books. It sounds crazy, but most of their rivals don’t. They print ‘em, but don’t care about selling ‘em. Matador do.” – The Writers’ Workshop


The Book Guild Ltd

The Book Guild is a well-established independent publishing company which has been publishing books for over 30 years. It offers an eclectic mix of titles: novels to enchant and engage both adults and children, memoirs and biographies that give insight into remarkable lives, and non-fiction ranging from sport through finance. We publish around 100 books a year so that we can maintain high standards, under both traditional and partnership-funded models. The Book Guild prides itself on offering an effective and efficient service to authors, both established and new.



Indie-Go offers a range of editorial, design and marketing services to authors publishing independently – perhaps an ebook with Kindle or a book with a print company – or who are publishing with a self-publishing services supplier, but need assistance with some elements of the publishing process. All our services are carried out by experienced publishing professionals, giving independent authors the ability to choose only those services they need at a fair cost for quality work. We are not a self-publishing service, but offer a range of specialist services to help you make the most from your self-publishing or independently published project.